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The Full Picture

CCTV Remote Monitoring is a method of enabling a site to be monitored remotely, 24/7, by a central station staffed by trained operators. Should an alarm be triggered, CCTV images from the cameras are sent to the central station where the operator is able either to contact a keyholder, the police, or send and audio message to the site to warn intruders that they are being monitored.

The service can replace the need for manned guards in very remote areas where it would be impractical to have full time staff, or complement (or be used in tandem with) security personnel who can quickly and easily go to the scene of a break-in and take appropriate action.

We protect:

  • Commercial properties
  • Retail outlets
  • Warehousing & Distribution centres
  • Military & defence establishments
  • Forecourts and car dealerships
  • Caravan and leisure parks
  • Schools & colleges
  • Hospitals
  • Churches
  • Banks

But CCTV Remote Monitoring is not always just about security. Different sites have different needs:

  • Those that require a straightforward video monitoring service to verify whether an alarm is genuine and to warn off intruders.
  • Others that require not only to ensure their premises are secure but also to be able to arm/disarm their systems remotely and control access to the site out of normal working hours.
  • Companies that may have multiple entries/exits and need a bespoke managed site solution with regular guard tours and reporting on alarm activations, in effect providing them with a local control room facility operated from a remote location. They need operators who have intimate knowledge of their site, who know instantly when something is amiss and can respond accordingly.

By definition the different requirements of each site will involve different needs in terms of the level of service, the number of alarm activations to be managed, the frequency of reporting etc. and this is reflected in the services that RVR can offer.