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The Full Picture

The growth of CCTV remote monitoring has been hindered partly as a result of its own success. The specialist transmission technology providers have been joined by consumer electronics businesses and cheaper Far Eastern imports using both proprietary and non-proprietary software. There is now a significant over-supply of product in the market, which has forced the RVRCs to effectively ‘choose’ whose manufacturers’ technology it will ‘receive’, limiting the potential for future growth.

The explosion of IP has confused an already confusing picture. RVRCs must now not only find a way of managing the multitude of manufacturers’ technologies, but also embrace IP. They must still be able to retain compatability with legacy ISDN and PSTN systems for the forseeable future.

RVR recognised this scenario two years ago, and that a common front-end platform that could receive transmissions from ANY technology was the answer. They began consulting with major manufacturers and customers to determine what such a platform should look like. Working closely with ESSA, RVR developed an initial pilot in April 2007 before a ‘soft’ launch in February 2008, launching the overall solution in May of that year.

Because of Chameleon, end users will still be able to use their existing investment, whilst not restricting future choice. Any ‘Legacy’ systems will still very much be accommodated. Installers, meanwhile, will have far greater flexibility and choice, and will not be restricted to working with only those products that their response centre can recognise

Chameleon is different in that there is no other comparable technology or service available today. Chameleon is unique in being able to imitate different manufacturers’ PC-based receiver software, converting the digital video and audio streams into conventional analogue forms where required. This allows the remote IP equipment to be handled in exactly the same way as a ‘conventional’ system, whilst maintaining a common approach to such fundamental issues as reporting and recording of alarms and consequential operator actions.

More than just delivering greater convenience, the new technology also brings enhanced operational efficiencies. Such is the intelligence of the new technology that each transmission received is recognised as belonging to a specific installation, the system automatically accords the appropriate response relevant to that installation without any intervention required by the operator.

In terms of features, the new command and control system has multi-receiver/multi-operator capability, a standardised Graphical User Interface (GUI), central SQL database and central video recording/storage.

Remote Video Response has developed Chameleon - a new command and control platform that can monitor, manage and respond to images transmitted via ANY CCTV technology, including IP, regardless of that technology’s make or manufacture, and without having to send images to multiple operators in the RVRC.

“What does this mean to me?”

Your systems are monitored using the market leading Essa Chamelion Graphical User Interface (GUI) technology: A common interface that can recognise any industry compliant detector activated CCTV system, receive and process alarms and images from that system, and present them in a common format to one of the highly skilled RVRC operatives.

You will receive management reports compiled from RVR’s unique common pro active management reporting database servers. These detailed reports automatically highlight all alarm activity and consequential operator actions for each individual premise, being delivered at predetermined intervals to any nominated representative.

Information contained within these reports will be analysed monthly by your dedicated RVR Account Manager, this will allow the compilation of baseline data. This information will then be used to create control panels for your estate, highlighting where agreed measurement criteria fall below, meet or exceed the operational expectations of all parties, in a simple easy to read format.

Your systems will only connect using the RVR Secure network connectivity demilitarised zone (DMZ). Ensuring that your alarm signals and associated data remain totally secure when connected to the RVRC.

Each CCTV system will have a weekly test to determine the health and operating condition of the system. Any deficiencies identified during the operational checks will be highlighted and reported to your nominated representative.

Your intruder alarms will be used as a verification tool. As RVR are accredited to both BS8418 and BS5979, the British Standards for operating detector activated CCTV monitoring (an RVRC) and those for operating an intruder alarm monitoring station (an ARC) respectively, alarm signals from CCTV, Intruder and Fire alarm systems will be monitored within our RVRC. Upon receipt of any signal from any site, RVR will identify the presence of other monitored systems; our operators will then use their full skills to identify any additional threats to your continued security. Notifying the appropriate authorities within the timescales laid down.

Smart Pac will provide access for individual site managers, to real time system reports to help identify system trends, signal traffic and assist with keyholder information changes.

A dedicated desk based Account Manager can be online to deal with site issues, Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5pm.