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End User Case Studies

Feedback from services provided by ourselves is extremely valuable to here at RVR. Below are a few case studies from some of our customers.


The operators at the remote station learned the site very quickly. Our security has improved, and the number of false alarms has been dramatically reduced." 
Martin Bell, Software AG



Often laden with high value stock, commercial premises – especially those in remote locations – can find themselves an attractive target for thieves.



The RVR Operators use their skills and knowledge of the site to distinguish between false alarms and a real break in. This does wonders for our relationship with the Police as they know that when they get a call it is a verified alarm and there is a good chance that they will have enough evidence to convict." 
Sean Doherty, Silverdale Tours (Nottingham) Ltd



"Since the installation, we have managed to secure an arrest and a conviction for a man caught taking fuel from one of the vehicles. He was prosecuted on the strength of the video evidence we were able to supply to the Police." 
Jean Blaskett, Fastsource 


Ravensdale Junior School

"We desperately needed an effective deterrent. Although some may regard vandalism and theft to be petty crimes, a school cannot afford to pay out for the consequences. Once the system was installed I was able to lock up the site for the Christmas holidays, feeling safe in my mind that in the case of any problems, prompt action would be taken." David Cooper, Ravensdale Junior School


FForestMill garden center

"Over the years we have tried just about everything, with varying levels of success. Then we were introduced to the idea of remotely monitored CCTV system and since then we have never looked back. I would recommend it to any garden centre like ours. It may appear expensive, but bite the bullet and you will get more than your moneys worth." Charles Price, FforestMill Garden Centre